About Our organization

The State Institute of Education (SIE), Jammu came into existence in August,1975. It is an apex Institute that looks over teacher training, pedagogy, methodology, planning and management of Education Department. The mandate of SIE is to advise and assist the State Education Department in formulating and implementation of policies and programs in the field of education. SIE, Jammu deputes Key Resource Persons to the National and Regional level Educational Institutes like NCERT, NUEPA, IGNOU New Delhi, RIE Ajmer, RIE Chandigarh, CCRT and these Key Resource Persons in turn prepare Resource Persons for conducting various training programs that are organized by SIE and DIETs of Jammu division for teachers and masters during summer and winter vacations. The institute keeps close liaison with organization like J & K State Board of Education, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Rashtriya Madhyamic Shiksha Abhiyan, Institute of Management, Planning and Administration, Jammu, etc.

Workshops and seminars on various current topics related to knowledge and concepts like Global Warming, Disaster Management, AIDS Awareness, Quality Management, Women Empowerment, Right to Information, Right to Education, Conflict Analysis and Peace Education are conducted by SIE. This is for creating awareness among the members of teaching fraternity and the students about the emerging trends in the field of Education. Apart from this, organization of Book Fair, conduct of Middle Standard Examination, conduct of test for admission to Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) and organization of Divisional Level National Science Exhibition and Divisional Level Science Exhibition under INSPIRE award Scheme are the regular activities of SIE. The purpose of these activities is to develop scientific temper among the students and create awareness about the challenges in the field of education.


State Institute of Education (SIE) was established in Mid 60’s for qualitative improvement of elementary education. Its functions comprised organization of in-service training for teachers and supervisory personnel, Extension activities, research and publication of instructional material, subsequently in course of time, State Institute was set up to provide academic support to the school education in areas of growing importance like Science Education, Educational Technology, English Language teaching etc. and specific areas of concern like examination reform, evaluation, Educational and vocational guidance etc.

As the number of institutions meant for providing academic support to the school system increases need for co-ordination among them arose. The then Ministry of Education and Social Welfare recommended in 1973 that all such existing institutions be merged into a single organization to be called the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) like the SIE, the SCERT was also primarily intended to pay special attention to universalizing of Primary education, though it also concerned itself with other stages of school education.

At present there are SCERT in 25 states and State Institute of Education (SIEs) in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir (02), Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh (NCERT 2009).

In view of the topographical and climate variety in two divisions of the state, a need was felt to establish two separate State Institute of Education at Jammu and Srinagar. It was in August 1975 that the State Institute of education was split up into two wings with headquarters at Jammu and Srinagar. The staff and assets were almost equally divided to make each independent unit functional. Both wings were brought under the administrative and financial control of the Principals of the respective college of Education subject to the overall control of Director School Education.
Re-Organization of State Institute of Education

In Sept.1978, the State Institute of Education was reorganized to cater to the growing needs of School Education both at elementary and secondary levels. The following three Institutes were amalgamated for this purpose:

  • Institute of Education for improvement in Elementary Education
  • Institute of Science Education
  • Institute of Education for Evaluation

In the re-organized setup the following wings and units were created in each division of the State Institute of Education at Jammu and Srinagar Vide Govt. Order No. 1670-Edu- of 1978 dated 16-09-1978.

  • Science Wing
  • Mathematics Wing
  • Social Science Wing
  • Language Wing
  • Publication Wing
  • Planning and Management Wing
  • Educational Technology
  • Computer Section/Wing
  • Establishment and Accounts Unit

SIEs have to play a lead academic institution role at the state level providing support to DIETs and also engaging in educational research and training. They would also provide policy advice to state governments, support implementation and undertake programmes for quality improvement in school education and teacher education.

The primary objective of the state institute of education, Jammu as an apex organization is to improve the quality of school education .It has to bring together professional persons of competence who will devote themselves to the task of bringing about improvement in school education through research, pre-service and in-service training, introduction of new methods of teaching and evaluation, and the preparation of teaching materials, identification and development of talent and preparation of teaching materials etc.

Moreover, the state institute of education is to adopt and implement in the state, the latest techniques and developments evolved at the national level.

The State Institute of Education Jammu has to establish a close working relationship with the District institutes of education located in the Jammu division for better and desired outcomes. These institutes come under the administrative control of State Institute of Education Jammu and have to function in unison under the overall control of the Directorate of School Education Jammu.

  • Organisation of Pre-Service & In-service Training programmes of Teacher education with special emphasis on subject content.
  • Identification of Hard Spots & Organisation of Capacity Building Programme for DRG, DRU of Jammu Division
  • Organisation of Administrative Trainings for Principals & Headmasters.
  • Preparation of instructional materials, modules, low cost teaching modules for teachers & teacher educators.
  • Organisation of Guidance & Counseling Training Programme for Head of Institutions viz Principals/Headmasters under RMSA.
  • Professional Development Trainings both for SIE & DIET Faculty in collaboration with NCERT, NUEPA, RIE Ajmer, B.Ed Colleges and Universities.
  • Organization of meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures, demonstrations, quiz’s and other programmes to spread the understanding of the Educational Journals, reports studies etc from time to time in the field of Educational research and trainings.
  • Monitoring of Jawahar Lal Nehru Science Exhibition, Science Exhibition under RMSA and INSPIRE Award Scheme organized at District Level
  • Organization of Jawahar Lal Nehru Science Exhibition, Science Exhibition under RMSA and INSPIRE Award Scheme organized at Divisional Level and State Level.
  • To conduct and evaluate studies of various short term and long term programme concerning universalization of education (enrollment drives, drop-out and work experience).
  • To organize the intelligence tests, scholastic achievement tests in all subjects both at elementary and secondary level.
  • To conduct surveys of programmes and studies in educational plan and statistical analysis.
  • To help DIETs in devising statistical tools in the form of questionnaires, develop opinion forms for understanding action research programmes at the district level.
  • Action research projects on Pilot basis regarding the academic issues.
  • Publication of its six monthly progress report regularly
  • Conduct Annual Assessment test of 5th to 9th class.
  • Conduct National Achievement survey as desired by MHRD
  • Review of Text Books/Curriculum for D.E.Ed classes, Elementary and Secondary Level with the collaboration of J&K BOSE
  • Training for resource persons in different subjects from the field in collaboration with DIETs and create a subject specific resource pool.
  • To Provide on-site academic support to the needy institutions/schools
  • Monitoring regarding the Implementation of Mid Day Meal Scheme
  • Conduct of Academic Inspection of schools in Jammu Division.
  • Conduct of Administrative Inspection of DIETs of Jammu Division.
  • Conduct of Middle Standard Examination
  • Conduct of Rashtriya Indian Military College Examination ( RIMC )
  • Organisation of Annual Book Fair
  • Preparation of Teacher Education Plan (TEP) in the light of MHRD Guidelines.
  • Preparation of Annual Teacher Training Calendar Wing-Wise Annual Action Plan.
  • To conduct studies and investigations in the sphere of elementary education
  • To impart in-service training to inspecting officers and teacher educators.
  • To provide extension services to all training schools
  • To produce suitable literature for the teachers and the taught
  • To bring out a journal of education
  • To raise the quality of school education by improving the attitudes, increased application of knowledge and enhanced teaching skills of teachers.

To grow into a premier institute of resource, research, educational technology and skill development in the field of teacher education.