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About Mathematics Wing

Mathematics has always occupied an important place in the School curriculum. Mathematics helps in training and disciplining the mind and developing power of thinking and reasoning , Mathematical Skills and their application form an indispensable tool in our daily life . It has been rightly said that ,higher the achievement in the field of mathematics ,so is the nation development There is hardly any subject in which mathematics has no role to play . Mathematics wing organise and conduct various programmes concerning pedagogic approach and improvement of quality education at school level by providing trainings at SIE to KRPs, DRUs members ,teachers/masters.

Mathematics wing of State institute of Education is headed by Field Advisor along with active support of Research officer .This wing carries out Research, training, extension and various development activities in Mathematics from upper Primary to Hr. Sec. Stage .

Major Functions :-
  • To undertake ,promote and co-ordinate action research and school surveys on various problems of Education in collaboration with the other units of SIE from time to time.
  • To help DIET, in devising statistical tools in the form of questionnaire, schedules, action research programmes or research guidance services at distt. Level and also to help them in planning and execution of various training programmes .
  • To organize in Services teacher training and Orientation programmes in teaching of Mathematics at all the stages of School i,e primary to Sr. Secondary level.
  • To organise workshops for innovation and improvisation of teaching aids for teaching of Mathematics.
  • To identify the training needs of various functionaries at elementary and Secondary level and to prepare a prospective plan and design of trainings for meeting such needs.
  • To form resource group of experts in mathematics at distt. Level and utilise their services for enhancing the potentialities of teaching/mentor educators.
  • To provide guidance for effective class room practices by conducting monitoring and supervisions in order to bridge the gap between methods and techniques advocated in training programmes and classroom practices.
  • To provide extension services/on spot academic support to the teachers while visiting the schools . Through Direct interaction with teachers and students of the institution faculty members are able to understand real problems in the transasction of contentment to the students and thus help the faculty to devise various strategies and techniques for improving the quality of teaching materials in the forthcoming training programmes.
  • To identify the talent children by organising Exhibition, quiz competition, seminars debates and symposium and plan for nurturing their talents.
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of the training programme held in different districts and strive for their continuous improvement.
  • Field visit to adopted schools to provide academic support to the teachers.
  • To arrange programmes for providing remedial teaching to the slow learners and to co-ordinate with the counter part wing of DIET regarding pain area, impart training to DIET faculty for preparing KRPs’ in the field.
  • To manage for Global training through internet and video conferencing.
  • The main purview lies with curriculum and text books development but in our state this task has been entrusted to J&K Board of School Education .
  • To provide guidance for establishing mathematics corners in all schools upto elementary level and mathematics laboratories in all DIETs and secondary school so as to make the teaching learing more effective , joyful ,activity based and burden free.
  • To produce instructional materials /modules through the use of educational technology and their means for improving the teaching learning . process for qualitative improvement in curriculum, teacher, Education ,guidance and counselling.
  • To arrange appropriate programmes for overall professional development of trs/ teacher educators.
  • To evolve and initiate school improvement programmes.
  • Co-ordination with University and college of education and national organisation i,e NECRT, NUEPA, RIE, Ajmer and IMPA by participating in programmes relating to school and teacher education.
  • To develop mathematical laboratory so that teaching of mathematics be made joyful, interesting through the attractive and colourful models and thus strengthening the child capacities towards various processes such as visualisation , conceptual understanding , analogy quantization , identification of pattern etc.
  • To organise quiz competition or seminar on the 2nd of Dec ( which has been declared as mathematics day ) to highlight the contribution of mathematicians and role and contribution of maths in other subjects..
13/03/2018 - 17/03/2018
5 day Orientation Training Programme on Teaching of Mathematics

A 05 day orientation programme on Teaching of Mathematics at Secondary Level for the Masters/ Teachers of Jammu Division organised by the Mathematics Wing of SIE Jammu w.e.f. 13th to 17th March 2018.

The main objective of this training programme was to equip the teachers with the latest pedagogical skills in teaching mathematics at Secondary Level. A total of 50 masters/teachers from different districts of Jammu Division participated in the training programme. Mr Naresh Jain, Mr Rohit Sharma, Dr Jagdish Raj Sharma & Mr Bupinder Gupta were the external Resource Persons wheras Mrs Ashu Magotra and Mr Rajesh Sharma acted as internal resource persons.

Mrs Ashu Magotra, Research Officer (Mathematics) was the co-ordinator of the programme.

The valedictory function was chaired by the Joint Director (trainings)/Principal SIE Jammu Mohd Iqbal who graced the occasion with his valuable guidance and instructions. He appreciated the tireless effort of the faculty members in organising orientation programme to acquaint the teachers with new pedagogical skills. He exhorted upon the teachers to apply these skills in actual classroom transaction.

Mr Surinder Kumar Field Advisor, Incharge Mathematics Wing also addressed the participants and discussed in detail the difficulties faced by the students in learning mathematics. He laid stress on quality education and need to equip the teachers with the latest pedagogical skills.

The vote of thanks was presented by Mr Surinder Kumar FA /Incharge of Mathematics Wing. Among others who were present at the valedictory function include Sh K.L.Parihar, Kulwant Kour FAs of SIE Jammu.

One Day Divisional Level Quiz Competition In Mathematics

One Day Divisional level Quiz Competition in Mathematics of Secondary Level ws organized by Mathematics Wing, SIE JAMMU on 11/12/2017 at SIE Jammu. The Program was inaugurated by Field Advisor Sh. K.L Parihar. The Welcome address was presented by Field Advisor, Mathematics Wing Shri Surinder Kumar, Field Advisor Smt. Kulwant Kaur also graced the programme with her presence. All the staff members of SIE Jammu also attended the programme. The Students of different districts participated enthusiastically in the competition.

The team from Bhartiya Vidya Mandir HSS Dist. Kishtwar stood first, kamal Academy from Dist. Ramban stood second and SMLR HSS Jammu stood third in the competition.

The Prizes / Participation Certificates were awarded to the winners by Joint Director(trg)/ Principal , SIE Jammu, Jenab Mohd. Iqbal. He also encouraged the students to participate in such events frequently in his valedictory speech. The programme was coordinated by Mr. Ashu Magotra (RO) Sie Jammu.