ET & Computer Wing
About ET & Computer Wing

The Educational Technology and Computer Wing of the State Institute of Education Jammu is headed by a Field Advisor. In addition to it this wing has also Research Officers, Lecturers and Masters.

Its major aim is to promote utilization of educational technologies viz. radio,TV, films, Satellite communications and cyber media either separately or in combinations. The wing undertakes activities to widen educational opportunities, promote equity and improve quality of educational processes at school level.

Associated Staff
Mr. V.K Koul
- Wing In-Charge
- Field Advisor
- M.Sc ( Chemistry ) | B.Ed
Staff List
Mrs. Lovely Sharma
( Research Officer )
Mr. Ravinder Verma
( Master )
Mr. Gurcharan Singh
( Master )
Mrs. Manju Choudhary
( Master )
Mr. Akash Khajuria
( Teacher )
Mr. Eshan Pandita
( Lab Assistant )
20/03/2018 - 22/03/2018
Three day training programme as master trainers on rollout of ICT initiatives

Three day training programme as master trainers on rollout of ICT initiativesat Elementary & Secondary level of Jammu Division organized by Educational Technology Wing at State Institute of Education, Jammu w.e.f 20th to 22nd March 2018.

The main objective to create e-books of the resources developed by the master trainers. The Digital India Campaign has promoted extensive use of ICTs in the teaching learning process. The Govt. of India through various flagship programmes have been providing ICT infrastructure for strengthening quality school education network across India. As part of this initiative the ICT Curriculum for School system, NROER, e-content Development, Massive Open and Online Courses (MOOCs) on SWAYAM, DTH-TV Channel SWAYAM PRABHA and Digitization of text-books have been started. Besides, e-Pathshala web portal and mobile apps (Andiod, ioS& Windows) have been developed for showcasing and periodicals and a variety of other digital materials, ensuring their free access through mobile phones and tablets (as e-pub) and from the web through laptops and desktops. E-Pathshal also allows the users to carry as many books as their device supports. Features of the reader allow easy navigation and reading.

Mr. Mohinder Singh, Field Advisor, Incharge ET Wing inaugurated the programme. Mr. Gurcharan Singh of SIE Jammu (ET wing) was the co-ordinator of the programme. Mr. Rajinder Kumar, Mr. Vivek Jandial, Mr. Prince Dabgotra and Mr. Satender Singh Pathania were the external Resource Persons whereas Mr. Gurcharan Singh and Mr. Ravinder Verma acted as internal Resource Persons.

The valedictory function was chaired by the Mr. Mohd Iqbal, Joint Director (Trgs.)/ Principal, SIE Jammu who graced the occasion with the valuable guidance and instructions. He appreciated the tireless effort of the faculty members in organising training programme to acquaint the teachers with new technology skill.

The vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Mohinder Singh FA/Incharge of ET Wing. Besides this the Research Officers and Field Advisors of the SIE Jammu were also present on the occasion.

Educational Technology & Computer Wing of SIE Jammu organises Divisional Level Painting Competition

Educational Technology & Computer Wing of SIE Jammu organised Divisional Level Painting Competition on 25th of September 2017 under the overall supervision of Mohd Iqbal, Joint Director (trgs)/Principal SIE Jammu.

The competition was co-ordinated by Sh Daulat Ram Sharma Research Officer SIE Jammu and facilitated by Sh Mohinder Singh I.c ET Computer Wing SIE Jammu where as logistic support was provided by Sh Ravinder Verma, Smt Manju Choudhary Masters, Akash Khajuria Teacher.

A total of 19 participants from various Districts of Jammu Division participated who were adjudged toppers in their respective districts.

The themes of the Competition was E-Technologies in Education.

The paintings were adjudged by Sh Bua Ditta Ex- RO SIE Jammu, Sh B L Sharma ZEO Khour and Sh Akram Khan Master DIET Reasi .

Randeep Singh (9th Class) from GHS Thandapani Rajouri bagged the first prize, while Veena (Class 10th) GGHS Gandhi Nagar Jammu bagged the 2nd prize and the third prize went to Anjana Devi (9th Class) from GHS Ghair Mari Reasi.

Prizes to the winners were awarded in presence of worthy Joint Director Trgs./ Principal SIE Jammu Sh. Mohd. Iqbal who congratulated the winning teams and encouraged participants to actively participate in these competitions and deliberated that Art work, in particular paintings, can contribute in a significant way to inspire the society to embark on ambitious social development that can eventually encourage the people to think about.

The vote of thanks were presented by Sh Daulat Ram Sharma co-ordinator of the competition.

18/09/2017 - 20/09/2017

A three days Workshop on ÏCT Initiatives and Computer fundamentals for DIET Faculty was organised by Education Technology Cell & Computer Section of SIE Jammu w.e.f. 18-20 Sept 2017 at SIE Muthi Jammu concluded on 20th of September 2017 in which 20 faculty members from 10 DIETs of Jammu Division participated.

The programme was inaugurated by Joint Director (trgs)/Principal SIE Jammu Mohd Iqbal on 18.09.2017.

The main objective of this workshop is to acquaint the participants on basic computer fundamentals and various ICT Initiatives used in actual classroom transactions.

The programme was co-ordinated by S.Gurucharan Singh Master ET Cell SIE Jammu and fecilitated by Sh Mohinder Singh Field Advisor and In-charge ET Computer Wing SIE Jammu under the overall supervision of worthy Joint Director (trgs)/Principal SIE Jammu whereas Sh Daulat Ram Sharma RO, Sh Ravinder Verma, Ms Manju Choudhary Masters, Akash Khajuria Tr and Sh Tilak Raj JA provided the logistics support for the smooth functioning of the workshop.

Smt Seloni Khajuria, Lecturer Computer Science GHSS Akhnoor and Sh Rajinder Kumar Ex- Research Officer acted as External Resoruce Persons who elucidate participants about basic applications of computers including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint besides acquainting them about various ICT initiatives like NROER, MOOCs etc.

The valedictory function was presided over by Sh K.L.Parihar,Field Advisor, SIE Jammu who emphasized for adopting the managerial skills and learnt knowledge of computer basis in actual class transactions for making it more effective and efficient.

Vote of thanks was presented by Sh Mohinder Singh Field Advisor and In-charge ET Computer Wing SIE Jammu.

10/07/2017 - 12/07/2017

A Three Day Workshop on Art Integrated Learning AIL organised by Educational Technology and Computer Wing of SIE Jammu concluded on 12th of July 2017 in which 35 Teachers/ Masters from various districts of Jammu Division participated.

External Resource Persons invited to acquaint the participants on different aspects of integrating art in actual classroom transactions included Sh.Rajinder Kumar Ex-Research Officer SIE Jammu, Ms Jaswinder Kour Lecturer (I/c Kindergarden School), SRML HSS Jammu.

The programme was co-ordinated by Smt Veena Gupta Master ET Cell SIE Jammu associated by Sh Daulat Ram Sharma RO, Ravinder Verma, Manju Choudhary Masters and Akash Khajuria Teacher Tilak Raj JA under the supervision of Sh Mohinder Singh Field Advisor I/c ET Cell SIE Jammu.

The valedictory function was presided over by Joint Director (trgs)/Principal SIE Jammu Sh Mohd Iqbal who emphasized on the thrust for adopting art in classroom transactions and integrating the fine and performing arts as primary pathways to learning . He also stesseed that Arts integration differs from traditional education by its inclusion of both the arts discipline and a traditional subject as part of learning (e.g. using improvisational drama skills to learn about conflict in writing.) as the goal of arts integration is to increase knowledge of a general subject area while concurrently fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the fine and performing arts.

Divisional Level Seminar on “DIGITAL INDIA”

Education Technology of State Institute of Education Jammu organized a Divisional Level Seminar on “DIGITAL INDIA”.

The main emphasis of this seminar was to discuss various advantages of Digital India; a Programme to prepare India for a knowledge future and to provide Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Ever y Citizen, Governance & Services on Demand and Digital Empowermen t of Citizens.